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In addition to expert plumbing services, Priority Plumbing & Heating also offers professional residential and commercial heating services.

Our Heating Services Include:

  • Boiler installation and repair
  • Furnace installation and repair
  • 24 Hour boiler service contract
  • High efficiency boiler conversion experts
  • Carbon monoxide detection
  • Residential and commercial services
  • Gas line installs and repairs
  • Gas leak detection

For emergency plumbing & heating service and free estimates, call (401) 739-3700


National Grid Oil To Gas Conversions

This is the time to switch from oil to gas with National Grid , and Government working with everyone you can save a bundle of money on the work and on your bill. with the incentives national grid is providing you can now save up to 60% on your equipment .

map Offers available to homeowners who do not currently heat with natural gas in RI where National Grid gas service is available. State and local taxes are not included and may apply. Actual savings on heating equipment vary by make and model ordered. Customer is required to pay for installation of heating equipment. A customer contribution to aid in the construction costs of the service line may be required. Offers subject to change. Some restrictions may apply.

Take action now and save up to 60%

Save up to 60% when you convert to natural gas heat and install a high efficiency gas heating system. We also offer low interest financing on the conversion cost and a discounted oil tank removal, and can help you find a contractor through our Value Plus Installer program.

Save money every year

And, because new natural gas equipment is more efficient, you’ll use less energy every month, helping you to save money.

EnergyStar.gov Tax Credits

Ask about energy efficiency tax credits.



Don’emergency brokenpipet wait. Call us day or night (401) 739-3700

Plumbing disasters need to be fixed immediately before small annoyances become major, expensive disasters.

In a plumbing emergency, who you call does make the difference. Plumbing repairs should be made by a qualified master plumber, rather than someone less experienced who may spend hours trying to determine what is wrong.

No matter if it’s the middle of the day or night, we treat each job the same with upfront estimates and fair pricing

What to Do Until We Arriveemergency hotwaterheater

If a pipe bursts and floods your house, you should immediately close the main shutoff valve. If your plumbing emergency stems from a specific fixture, also turn off the valve.

If you discover a leak, turn the cold water off and all heating controls. You can usually find the stop-tap under the kitchen sink, in the cellar, or behind the washing machine or units in the kitchen. When you have found the stop-tap, turn it fully clockwise. You may need a plumber to tighten it fully. Once you have turned off the cold supply, you should open all hot and cold taps and leave them running.

If the leak is from your central heating, we recommend that you follow the above advice and also drain the central heating system. A small drain-off tap may be situated on a downstairs radiator, on the boiler or under the floor.

If your electrical wires are wet, turn off the electricity at the main fuse box.

To prevent a wet ceiling from falling down, you could pierce a hole in the ceiling with a long screwdriver to let the water out and catch it in a bucket.